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Need to install an EV charger, but unsure where to start? We are your trusted electric vehicle charger installer, offering solutions to test, service and install all types of electric vehicle chargers and circuits. Install a reliable electric vehicle charging station in your home or office and charge your vehicle faster than any domestic power outlet.

Our solutions

We only partner with leading brands that produce and provide high-quality charging products and accessories. As part of our service, this allows us to deliver an exceptional product with no-fuss support and maximum performance.
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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

We stay updated on the ever-evolving world of EV chargers, ensuring our services provide you with the best electric vehicle charger installation.

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EV Charger Circuit Installation

Our fully-trained team of electricians will install a dedicated circuit from the switchboard to your electric car charger.

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Testing & Servicing

Our team of licensed electricians can inspect electric charger units to provide a safety inspection test and ensure that they work safely and effectively.

Reliable Electric Vehicle Charger Installation across Australia

Our team of qualified electricians can readily install EV charging stations at your home and office, helping you determine the most suitable location and charging equipment tailored to your requirements.

Electric vehicle charging installation service
Electric Cars

Australia's ambition to have 76% of new vehicle purchases being electric by 2030 and 100% by 2035, would benefit consumers and cut transport emissions.


EV's electric motor converts more than 90% of the electrical energy that it consumes into useful work. So, its efficiency is more than 90%.