Electrical Services

Emergency Electricians for Electrical Emergencies

Fast call-outs for all domestic and commercial electrical emergencies. We understand there’s never a good time for an electrical emergency, so we’re committed to responding quickly to your threatening electric issues. If you face power failure, sparking in electrical outlets, or any other threatening electric issue, call Electrica Co, emergency electricians.

Our solutions

As an electrical contracting company, we offer quick and safe solutions if there is an electrical emergency. Our team of professional electricians specialises in all types of electrical repairs, upgrades and installations.

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Fault Finding

We have the skills required to detect faults within your electrical assets, ensuring you are never without power.

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Household Threats

Our team will promptly help you solve any electrical emergency issue, from tripped switches to power surges.

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Power Outage

Whether it’s a lightning strike, storm or faulty wiring, we will arrive on-site to assist with any power outages.

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Fuse Replacement

We have the appropriate electrical equipment to find and resolve fuse issues, including tripping, so you’re not left in the dark.

Electrical Testing

Check your workplace or home for potential faults to ensure the safety of your employees and family members.

Electrician providing emergency electrical services for residential properties
5 Electrical Safety Tips

1. Always cut the power
2. Use fire extinguisher
3. Use more than one outlet
5. Child-proof your outlets
4. Outlets must be cool when touched

Electric Shocks

Poor internal wiring or faulty appliances are the main cause of electric shock around your home or office. Make sure that you get them inspected from time to time.

Don’t allow an electrical emergency at your home or workplace

With our emergency electrical repair services, ensure that your house and workplace are safe from potential electrical emergencies. Contact Us, your emergency electricians located in Melbourne.