Electrical Services

All Your General Electrical Needs – Sorted

With exceptional skills and experience in all general electrical issues, Electrica Co. is an established electrical company that specialises in servicing both residential and commercial jobs for a variety of applications. Our experienced team of professional electricians can accommodate you for all your electrical service needs, whether big or small.

Our solutions

The professional electrical contractors that make up the team at Electrica Co. have extensive experience in assessing and resolving electrical issues for tenants, landlords, business owners and property owners. Not only do we assist in electrical maintenance, but also provide electrical solutions for lighting and power upgrades to reduce energy costs.

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Fault Finding

We have the expertise and equipment to detect faults within your electrical assets, ensuring that you are never without power.

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Our residential electricians are experienced in the installation of home appliances, including electric stove and oven repairs.

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Power Points

We ensure that your home or business is safe and functional with our specialised power point services and solutions.

Establishing Safe and Efficient Electrical Infrastructure

Being a reputed team of residential electricians, Electrica Co. primarily focuses on ensuring regular maintenance, providing emergency repairs and expert advice on energy efficiency. We are bound to support the uninterrupted operations of your household and business while ensuring maximum safety.

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First home appliance

The first electric appliance was patented by Albert Marsh in 1905. Toast could be made safely in the comfort of the kitchen. No fires necessary!

Helpful tip

Your Wi-Fi and Kitchen Appliances Like Your Microwave Oven Could Share Frequencies, which is why it isn’t recommended to place the wi-fi router near these devices.