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Switchboards are the central hub when it comes to the functionality of your home or office. We can upgrade, install, and repair your switchboards, as well as complete power balancing and surge protection.

Our solutions

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We will upgrade your old, overcrowded switchboard to reduce the probability of safety hazards and improve the function of all your electrical lights and appliances.

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Repair outdated or broken switchboards to ensure the safety of your home and businesses without having to replace the entire switchboard system.

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Power Balancing

Let us balance the power load of your switchboard so the circuits are evenly distributed and all power is drawn equally to stop your device from overheating or overloading.

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Safety Switch Installation

Safety switches should be installed on all circuits in your home or business as they are a safety mechanism that prevents electrical failures which can cause fire and electrical shock.

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Surge Protection

Adding a Surge Protector to your switchboard can prevent damage to expensive appliances as it projects against over-voltage faults or surges in the power lines.

Surge protection installation and repair services
Was your home built more than 20 years ago?

Safety standards and regulations have made significant improvements, and it may be worthwhile having the safety and functionality of your switchboard tested and inspected by our team.

Switchboard Safety

Unsafe switchboards can lead to fires, electric shock and shorter appliance lifespan. Common signs of a potential fault include circuits tripping, lights flickering and frequent appliance faults.