Residential Electrician5 warning signs your house has outgrown its electrical installation

5 warning signs your house has outgrown its electrical installation

You upgrade your mobile phone every couple of years, but what about your home’s electrical installation? Just like any other device or appliance, electrical switchboards, fixtures and wiring also wear out with time. Thus, it is important to occasionally inspect and service your electrical installation.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t pay much attention to the electrical safety of their house, until a fault occurs or there are some serious consequences like a fire incident. Keep in mind that 40% of home fires are caused by faulty electrical appliances and outlets.

Key benefits of an electrical upgrade

Electrical outlets and switchboards are vital for Australian homes. Their role is to power a wide range of appliances and devices. An electrical upgrade enabled by licenced residential electricians like ours will help you achieve the below:

  • Bring your electrical installation up to the latest standards
  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency and decrease utility bills
  • Future proof your house and assets from potential damage
  • Meet the growing demand for electrical appliances, including ovens, heat pumps and EV chargers

How to know if your home requires an electrical upgrade?

If you think your electrical outlets are worn out, you must immediately act. Below are the warning signs that indicate that your house has outgrown its electrical installation and it is time for switchboard upgrades:

Sign #1: Flickering lights

Ever been surprised by the sudden flickering of lights while sitting in your living room? While it may seem normal, flickering lights usually signify power fluctuations. This happens when your lightbulbs are not receiving enough voltage due to a fault in the circuit.

Also, there might be too many circuits, and your switchboard may struggle to regulate electricity, resulting in flickering lights. Whatever it is, upgrading your electrical outlets and circuits could fix this, reducing the risks that they come with.

Sign #2: Overloaded switchboards

If a switchboard looks crowded or messy with a spaghetti-like mix of cables, it is definitely an early warning sign that switchboard upgrades are required. An overreliance on power boards could lead to overloaded circuits.

Each electrical circuit is designed for a certain amount of voltage. Thus, power boards can easily go over this maximum limit. Luckily, our residential electricians can help with electrical switchboard installation, and installing additional circuits making your home safer.

Sign #3: Melted fuses

Notice a continuous tripping of your circuit breakers or fuses when plugging in an appliance? Does it feature old ceramic fuses that keep melting? This might be because your electrical outlets can’t keep up with the electrical demand of modern appliances and the latest electrical standards. It’s advised to get a professional electrician to inspect your appliances and switchboard for any potential issues, to ensure your electricity is working efficiently.

Sign #4: Burning odours

Wires and fuses can start burning out if the power outlet is overloaded or if there is any faulty wiring. A burning smell and melting sockets are a sign of electrical overheating that can lead to an electrical fire. In this case, contact our team for an electrical inspection.

Sign #5: An old property

How old is your property? Is it more than 30 years old? If so, there’s a good chance that your electrical wiring, switchboard and fixtures are worn or out-of-date. Many homes from this period do not have safety switches. These outlets are at a higher risk of faulting and don’t usually keep up with the latest developments in electrical safety. An inspection conducted by our residential electricians will ensure that your electrical installation is safe and your home and appliances are working efficiently.

Think Your House Needs an Electrical Upgrade?

If you have encountered any of the above-mentioned issues, it’s best to get a professional electrician to do a general electrical inspection of your home. Our team of licenced residential electricians can assist you with all of your electrical safety needs. We can help ensure successful wiring upgrades and switchboard installations meet the latest electrical safety standards. 

Schedule an electrical safety inspection today.