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Residential ElectricianWhy is checking your smoke alarm regularly important?

Why is checking your smoke alarm regularly important?

Did you know that fires result in an estimated 265,000 deaths each year globally? In Australia, there were 17,915 residential fire incidents between 2019 and 2020, The point is pretty simple: Fire safety matters.

Fire safety should be your priority when keeping your home safe and secure. This includes considering smoke alarm installation in your home’s sensitive areas. These alarms will act as your first defence against a fire, saving lives from potential damage.

This blog post will discuss the crucial role of smoke detectors in fire safety and why checking them regularly is essential.

Why are smoke alarms essential?

When a fire breaks out, smoke tends to spread faster than heat. That’s one of the primary reasons why most fire victims have complications from inhalation of smoke. A significant part of fatalities happen when families are asleep.

This is where a smoke alarm can help detect smoke and send a shrill alarm, allowing you and your family the precious time needed to escape. The key benefits of smoke alarm installation include:

  • Early fire or smoke detection
  • Reduced risk of death and injury
  • Quick response time
  • 24/7 monitoring

Where should you install smoke alarms?

It is reported that around two-thirds of all residential fire-related deaths occur in properties without working smoke alarms. A properly installed and maintained smoke detector could reduce the risk of dying from a fire. Ensure it is placed on every level of your home, such as outside sleeping areas and bedrooms.

Install and maintain the fire alarm according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, consider installing it along your escape path and placing it in the centre of your ceiling or somewhere nearby.

Top reasons to check your smoke alarms regularly

Now that you know the role smoke detectors play in home safety, it’s time to understand the importance of checking them regularly. Below are a few good reasons to check your smoke alarms with the help of our residential electricians:

1. Fire detection and prevention

Keep in mind that your family’s safety depends on smoke alarms. When these alarms are not regularly checked, they can malfunction over time. Professional maintenance and testing enables the early detection of potential issues before they become critical.

Regular inspection minimises the chances of system failure during a fire emergency. For this reason, ensure your smoke detector works by checking it with the help of our licensed residential electricians.

2. Insurance conditions

Checking your smoke alarms regularly helps you meet the insurance conditions set by your insurer. This includes performing tests as often as necessary. If anything is not working, it may not be covered in the event of a fire. Refer to our easy test guide below.

3. Compliance with the latest regulations

Smoke detectors or alarms are subject to various local and national regulations. Thus, an electrical safety inspection and testing are required on tenanted properties annually to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards and correct operation.

As part of our regular electrical inspections we ensure to check the operation of all smoke alarms and assess their location within the property.

How to test your smoke alarm system?

Our team of qualified residential electricians, recommend testing your smoke alarm systems as often as monthly to ensure they are in working order. For residential smoke alarms, inspection and service should be carried out every 6 to 12 months. Large buildings with more occupants may require servicing every quarter.

To properly test your smoke alarm, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Most alarms can be tested in the following way:

Step 1: Alert your family members about the testing of the alarm.

Step 2: Ask a family member to stand at the furthest point away from the alarm in your home. This will ensure the alarm can be heard everywhere in your home.

Step 3: Press and hold the smoke alarm’s test button. A loud siren should emanate from the smoke alarm. If the alarm sound is weak, then replace the batteries and retest the alarm. If you’ve replaced the battery and the alarm sound is weak or not functioning, the alarm may need to be replaced with the help of our residential electricians. Consider replacing the batteries every six months.

How we can help

Whether it’s a hard-wired smoke detector, a wireless, or an interconnected one, our team is experienced in installing a wide range of smoke detectors. We offer everything from smoke alarm installation and maintenance to regular inspection and testing, ensuring that you can hear the alarming sound around the entire property.

Additionally, we can also help with hearing and vision impaired solutions for your smoke detector. These solutions include emit light flashes and vibrate to alert people during a fire. We’ll help you perform a professional inspection on your property, so that you can always have easy-to-install solutions that will work with your existing smoke alarms.

Final thoughts

Regular smoke alarm checks are necessary to keep your family safe. Remember, a smoke alarm has an expiry date of 10 years. So, consider replacing it every ten years or earlier. Take away the guesswork and hire our fully licensed residential electricians for the job. Let Electrica Co. take care of smoke alarm installation to ensure complete fire safety. Feel free to contact us today!

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