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7 reasons you should do an electrical safety inspection for your home

Whether it’s about a home or business, making electrical safety your top priority is crucial. Sadly, it is usual for many people to wait until there is a severe issue with their electricity before bringing in a professional electrician for emergency electrical repairs.

An electrical safety inspection plan can help you protect your property in several ways that might surprise you. Below are some convincing reasons to get your home electrical setting professionally inspected.

1. Protection from electrical fires

Did you know electrical appliances and faults cause around 40% of residential fires? They have accounted for the highest share of civilian deaths and property damage.

Yes, electrical fires are a serious concern and can be caused by faulty wiring, poor DIY attempts, overloaded circuits and other hazards. This is why you must invest your time in experienced electrical services. A proper electrical safety inspection would help you minimise the risk of electrical fires.

2. Avoid potential malfunctions

Any fraying in your wires can cause damage to appliances or systems hooked up to them. They may include computers, cookers, ovens and power outlets. This is mainly because of damaged wiring that can result in your electronics taking irreversible damage from being overloaded.

However, having electrical inspections can keep your electronics safe and sound. Professional reviews would keep these issues from becoming a reality, also securing your home from severe weather conditions.

3. Recognise outdated wiring

While some outdated electrical systems, such as a two-prong outlet, may seem easy to spot, others are unobvious. Without the keen eye of professional electrical contractors, outdated wiring is hard to spot. This may include older electrical panels and interior wiring that can quickly go unnoticed without the attention of a pro electrician.

All these things can quickly short-circuit and cause damage. Here, you can conduct an electrical safety inspection to detect outdated wiring and get recommendations for updated parts.

4. Lower your energy bills

If you want to save on electricity, why not perform an electrical inspection with the help of electrical contractors? This is an excellent idea for homeowners seeing a sudden increase in their energy consumption.

Inefficient use of power could cause electrical spikes. However, a trained electrician can show you how to lower your energy bills and what upgrades are worth investing in regarding energy efficiency.

5. Renovate your home

Have you just bought an old property or renovated an existing one? It is always good to schedule an electrical safety inspection. It will be a great starting point for your renovation project, especially if you remodel a bathroom or kitchen. This is because such areas require electrical permits.

Your electrical panel, for example, has a limited amount of power. So, if you’re adding an appliance like a hot tub, your board may need to be upgraded. This is where an electrical safety inspection will help you understand your power needs and prevent danger down the road.

6. Home buying or selling

Whether buying a home or selling, having an electrical safety inspection is a smart move to ensure safety. This may include checking outlets, inspecting electrical panels and looking for wiring.

All these checks impact your safety, investment, and chances of getting ideal insurance. It will help you uncover dangerous situations before you sign a financing contract. As a seller, you can make the sale quicker by making repairs or improvements before the general house inspection.

7. Keeping up with electrical standards

Depending on where you live, your town, city or community might have its electrical regulations. So, you ought to follow these rules and codes. Getting regular inspections could be a requirement of those regulations. Instead of risking legal trouble, search “electrical companies near me” and invest in the right electrical services in Melbourne.

Final thoughts

So, these are the best reasons to perform an electrical safety inspection for your home. Is your home indicating that it’s time for an electrical review? If yes, contact us at Electrica Co. – one of Melbourne’s most trusted electrical contractors.

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