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electric vehicle charger installerWhat’s the average installation cost for an EV charger in Australia?

What’s the average installation cost for an EV charger in Australia?

As EVs (electric vehicles) are becoming popular in Australia, more and more car owners are considering to install EV charging stations at their home or business. The Australian EV charging market was valued at $97.17 million in 2022 and is projected to reach $813.66 million by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.1% from 2023 to 2030. 

EV chargers serve as a vital infrastructure connecting plug-in EVs to electrical outlets for the purpose of recharging their batteries. These chargers facilitate the charging process by supplying the required electrical energy to electric vehicles. 

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to break down the cost of installing an EV charger in Australia, helping you make an informed decision when planning the installation.

The cost of installing an EV charger

Before we explore the cost of installing of an EV charger, we need to understand the basics. EV chargers come in three main types. Let’s explore them one by one!

Level 1 chargers (slow charging)

Often known as a “trickle” charge, Level 1 chargers can be plugged into any household outlet and offer a slow charging speed. They are delivered by a standard power cable plugged into a wall socket, which can deliver around 2kW/hour. 

These chargers are ideal for smaller batteries or infrequent driving. It costs nothing to install a Level 1 charger, but you should take a look at your existing electrical wiring to ensure it is up to the task. Make sure there is a dedicated circuit available for charging your EV.

Level 2 chargers (medium charging)

In contrast, Level 2 chargers offer faster charging times and are the most preferred choice for many EV owners. These chargers need a more dedicated circuit and can deliver 7kW from a single-phase connection or 22kW from a three-phase connection.

Level 2 chargers can provide a full charge overnight and are also common in some public charging stations, such as shopping centres. Expect to pay somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 for the purchase and installation of these charging units. 

Level 3 chargers (fast charging)

These chargers are high-voltage DC chargers that are common in public places. They are featured in several Tesla fast charger networks and can deliver 50kW to 350kW charging. Note that Level 3 chargers are expensive to install and can cost around $25,000 each.

Charging times of these chargers vary depending on the amount of charge an EV can handle, but most vehicles can be charged fully up in 30 minutes or less. 

Key factors impacting the cost of installing an EV charger 

The cost of an EV charger installation may vary depending on several factors. Understanding these factors would help you estimate the overall expense and ensure seamless installation. Below are some key factors that influence the cost:

  • Type of charger: As mentioned above, Level 2 and Level 3 chargers are more expensive than Level 1 chargers due to their faster charging capabilities. Also, they require professional installation and dedicated circuits.
  • Electrical upgrades: Buildings that require electrical system upgrades to facilitate the EV charger usually incur higher costs. If the current electrical system doesn’t support the additional load of an EV charger unit, you need to upgrade your electrical panel.
  • Labour costs: This may vary depending on your geographic location, the complexity of the installation and the “electrical contractor near me.”
  • Brand and model: The installation cost can vary among different brands and models, with some offering advanced features that can affect the overall cost. 
  • Permits: You might also need to get permits before installing an EV charger unit. These permits often come with a cost, which can vary by jurisdiction. 

Ready to get an EV charger installed at your business/home?

To get a precise estimate, it’s always better to consult with a professional electric vehicle charger installer or a company specialising in “electrical services near me.” They will help you assess your specific situation, recommend the right type of EV charger and provide a detailed quote considering the factors mentioned above. Talk to the experts for more info.