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Emergency ElectricalElectrical Safety for Kids: Tips and Tricks

Electrical Safety for Kids: Tips and Tricks

Whether you know it or not, electrical dangers can lurk in your home. And kids are most vulnerable to these dangers. Reports reveal that electrical injuries have increased among children younger than six years. 

While 60 to 70% of injuries occur because of contact with electric cords, 10 to 15% occur because of contact with outlets. This makes it incredibly important to take the right safety measures to ensure electrical safety for kids. 

How to ensure electrical safety for kids at home?

From no RCD protection to overheating gadgets, parents need to spot these electrical hazards before they spark and cause harm to their little ones. This will require them to make essential emergency electrical repairs and installations. Below are some effective tips and tricks to ensure electrical safety for your kids:

Supervise young children 

First of all, educate young children about the proper handling of electrical outlets and cords. Always supervise them, especially around electrical appliances and outlets. Be sure to teach them why they shouldn’t insert objects into electrical outlets or pull cords from the wall. 

Childproof your power points 

To childproof your power points and sockets, you can use outlet covers or protective safety caps. These socket protectors are designed to be inserted into empty electrical sockets, preventing children from coming into contact with the electric current in the socket. This simple yet useful safety accessory can greatly reduce the risk of electric shocks in homes. You can easily insert and remove these covers when required. 

Organise your cords and cables

Cord management is another important measure you can take to ensure electrical safety for kids at home. You can use cord organisers or cable clips to prevent tripping hazards and discourage kids from playing with them. Be sure to keep electrical cords out of their reach and sight.

Ensure your RCD is working  

An RCD or residual current device is a life-saving safety switch that switches off electricity automatically whenever there is an electrical fault. It is designed to protect your property against the potential risks of electrocution and fire caused by electrical faults. With the help of a reliable electrical company in Melbourne, test your RCD to ensure it is working properly. Consider installing a new RCD safety switch if required.

Make necessary electrical repairs 

Repairing damaged power points, sockets and electrical leads is crucial for ensuring the safety of kids at home. Always prioritise safety when dealing with emergency electrical repairs. If you have any doubts, consult with a professional electrician to conduct an electrical safety inspection. Below are the steps you can take: 

  • Periodically check electrical cords, outlets and appliances for any signs of damage
  • Schedule annual maintenance checks for your home’s electrical system by qualified residential electricians to ensure everything is in proper working order
  • Replace damaged items immediately with the help of “electrical services near me”
  • Avoid making DIY emergency electrical repairs as they can pose a danger.

Dos and don’ts to ensure electrical safety for kids 

Every kid needs some guiding rules to navigate their home safely. This may allow parents to significantly reduce the risk of electrical accidents and create a safer environment for children at home. 

Here are some essential dos and don’ts you need to follow to ensure electrical safety for your children: 

  • Do keep your kids away from high-voltage areas
  • Don’t use an electric appliance or device near water
  • Do disconnect or switch off electrical appliances when not in use
  • Don’t overload the plug sockets by fitting in too many cables
  • Do educate your children about the absolute danger of electric hazards
  • Don’t leave devices plugged in or charging while sleeping at night 
  • Do keep all heating appliances like irons and hair dryers out of their reach
  • Don’t attempt to repair damaged components; replace them with new ones

So, these are some essential tips and tricks you need to follow to ensure electrical safety for kids at home. Remember to keep your little ones safe around electricity whether they are alone or under your supervision. If you need help with your next home inspection or emergency electrical repair project, don’t hesitate to connect with us today!