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Oven and Stove RepairElectric oven installation: Everything you need to know

Electric oven installation: Everything you need to know

The Oven is the heart of your kitchen. Getting the installation wrong means inviting potential electrical mishaps and fire hazards. The best advice is to hire a licensed electrician to ensure the appliance is installed correctly and meets the manufacturer’s specifications. They will help you ensure smooth operation and safeguard the warranty in the unlikely event of any oven issues. Here’s everything you need to know about electric oven installation

Why go electric in the first place?

Electric ovens or gas ovens, which one is a better kitchen appliance? This is an age-old debate. However, electric ovens are a clear winner for a few good reasons, such as:

  • Electric ovens are easier to operate and faster to heat up
  • They are more energy-efficient and sustainable than gas ovens
  • They make it easier for any amateur cook to whip up culinary masterpieces
  • They don’t possess the risk of gas leaks, making them a safer kitchen appliance
  • Unlike the temperature fluctuations in gas ovens, electric ovens offer precise temperature control for perfect results

What should you consider before an electric oven installation?

What should you consider before an electric oven installation

Installing an electric oven can be more complicated than it seems. The process can take up one to two hours. So, it’s recommended to rely on a skilled team of residential electricians for safe induction cooktop installation and oven repairs. Below are a few essential considerations to make

1. Power supply

Since electric ovens require lots of electricity, you must ensure enough power supply. These appliances use somewhere between 2,000 and 10,000watts so it is important that your circuit can supply adequate power.

Before you purchase an oven, check with the product’s manual to ensure that the kilowatts (KW) rating are compatible with the electrical supply. If your current electrical system doesn’t meet the requirements, our licensed team of residential electricians can help you upgrade the circuit.

2. Electrical connections

Electric ovens generate intense heat, so they must be installed on a dedicated circuit. A separate circuit for your oven ensures that the appliance is always drawing sufficient power and is safe to use without interfering with other parts of your electrical installation.

It’s better to consult an electrician to ensure your electrical connections meet the oven’s specifications. Our licensed electricians will ensure that your oven installation meets all current electrical safety standards.

3. Space requirements

Nothing spoils the fun like finding out the new electric oven you bought doesn’t fit into its cavity. So, be sure to plan your space and scrutinise those oven dimensions. Whip out a measuring tape to measure where you will install the oven.

Induction cooktop installation may vary by model, so keep that manual handy. There must be space to provide proper ventilation and adequate clearance around the appliance to prevent overheating, faults and fire accidents.

4. Local codes

Compliance is crucial to ensure safety. Therefore, our team of residential electricians ensure that your new oven installation will be compliant with Australian electrical safety standards and manufacturer’s warranty.

How can we help with your oven installation project?

How can we help with your oven installation project

At Electrica Co., we are your go-to experts for all things related to electric oven installation, replacement and repairs. We ensure your kitchen has a perfectly functioning electric oven, always ready to serve culinary delights. We can help repair the unit often on the first visit if the model number is provided. The process we follow:

  • Our residential electricians will first assess your appliance and then advise whether you should repair or replace it
  • If the repairs are too costly or the oven parts are not available, we will help you select and purchase a new cooking appliance for your kitchen
  • Our team will perform an electrical safety inspection to ensure the new unit meets the Victorian electrical standards
  • We will also issue an electrical safety certificate
  • For oven repairs, we offer a 1-year warranty on any part we install

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to elevate your kitchen with reliable electric oven installation, replacement or repairs. Contact us today, and let us handle the heat!