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Emergency Electrical7 crystal-clear signs you need emergency electrical services

7 crystal-clear signs you need emergency electrical services

Did you know that the speed of electricity is nearly close to that of light? In case of an electrical hazard, the consequences can be serious. An electrical emergency is dangerous for any household or business. Many emergency scenarios can arise from faulty wiring to melting power points.

According to NFPA, fire departments responded to around 46,700 home fires caused by electrical failures yearly in 2015-2019. These fires were responsible for 390 civilian deaths, 1,330 civilian injuries each year, and $1.5 billion in property damage.


Electrical failures were the second leading cause of electrical home fires, accounting for 13% of home structure fires. So, contact an emergency electrician wherever you can spot potential electric problems.

Emergency electricians near me: When do you need one?

Most households and businesses in Australia depend on electricity. And for that reason, you must have emergency electrical services in place. Here are some clear signs you need emergency electrical repairs immediately:

1. Electrical sparks or flames

Have you noticed tiny sparks when connecting an electrical device, like a toaster to a power socket? This is not at all normal. Reports suggest that wiring and related equipment failures account for a significant part of the home fires caused by electrical distribution and lighting equipment.

So, when a spark suddenly emits from your electrical outlet while connecting an appliance, contact an emergency electrician to fix your power socket. Otherwise, this could lead to an electrical hazard, such as a fire.

2. Dim or flicking lights

Do your lights flicker when you use an electrical appliance? This may be due to bad electrical wiring, a sign of an overloaded circuit, or issues with your electrical system.

If it becomes dimmer or brighter over time, some electrical issues might need to be addressed immediately. Contact an emergency electrician to diagnose and resolve the issue.

3. Buzzing and popping noises

A buzzing or humming sound from the switchboard or an appliance could indicate it is experiencing electrical issues. For instance, there may be loose connections or internal faults with the circuit breakers.

Talk to an emergency electrician immediately if you notice such buzzing or popping noises coming from your switchboard. They will help you take the necessary steps to fix the issue and avoid electrical accidents.

4. Smelly or warm outlets

An electrical outlet should never feel warm to the touch. Otherwise, it is a warning sign of an electrical emergency. Also, any burning smell is a cause for concern, suggesting overheating, faulty wiring or melting power points. In such cases, immediately turn off your power supply and hire emergency electrical services.

5. Safety switch regularly tripping

Frequent safety switch or circuit breaker trips should never be ignored. They pose a significant fire hazard and can stem from issues such as ground faults or short circuits. Rather than resetting the breaker, you should consult an electrician to address these persistent trips.

6. Improperly working appliances

Have your electrical appliances started to work less efficiently? Maybe your fridge isn’t as cool as it was or your oven doesn’t heat as well as it used to. This could indicate a severe issue with your electrical wiring. If you notice these issues, you will need emergency electrical repairs as soon as possible for further investigation.

7. High electricity bills

If you haven’t installed any new home appliances, but there is a significant increase in your electrical bills. It is a possible sign of an issue with your electrical system. The reason could be worn wiring, electrical connections or outgrown electrical installation. Whatever the reason is, make sure to contact an emergency electrician to diagnose the issue.

Need an emergency electrician?

After reading this blog post, do you need an emergency electrician? Please don’t fret; we have you covered! Electrica Co. will help you perform commercial or residential electrical inspections, catering to all of your electrical needs – big or small.

Not only that, we are a licensed team of electricians to handle no matter what the problem is with your electrical system, appliance or wiring. Contact us today so we can set up a time to visit and make emergency electrical repairs.