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7 major electrical upgrades to increase your home’s value

If you are looking for ways to increase the value of your property, one of the easiest things to do is a few electrical upgrades with the help of  our residential electricians. Electrical upgrades will make it easier to use and integrate modern home appliances and ensures that your home complies with the latest electrical standards.

Make these residential electrical upgrades to boost your home’s value

From smoke alarm installation to outdoor lighting and oven repairs, these are some simple electrical upgrades that will not only improve the functionality and safety of your property but also boost its market value. Let’s dive in!

1. Energy-efficient lighting

As energy costs are skyrocketing, energy efficiency will always be a concern for modern homebuyers. Reducing the amount of electricity that your home uses can positively impact its value. You can opt for LED bulbs and smart lighting to make the most of energy efficiency. 

These lighting solutions consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and lights. Additionally, you can also think of outdoor lighting to decorate the landscape space, including trees, bushes, etc. It will give the potential homebuyers some good vibes at the entrance itself, creating a positive psychological impact on their mind. 

2. Switchboard upgrades

Upgrading electrical switchboards and panels is essential, especially in older properties. Take outdated electrical switchboard installation, for instance. They can lead to potential safety hazards and malfunctions. Also, modern electrical demands are high and often exceed what was anticipated back in the day. 

So, it is better to consider professional safety switch installation and upgrades. This will significantly improve electrical safety and capacity for modern appliances, such as EV chargers and HVAC pumps, adding considerable value to your home. Here’s an essential guide explaining the signs that you need an electrical meter upgrade. 

3. Surge protection system

Electrical surges are a leading cause of significant damage in residential buildings, damaging everything from electrical appliances to electronic devices. From an investment point of view, new homebuyers are interested in knowing whether the appliances they intend to use are well protected from potential power surges.

Luckily, you can install a whole house surge protection system to protect valuable equipment. It not only ensures the safety and functionality of your home, but also helps boost its market value. This provides potential buyers with peace of mind.

4. Smart home features

Without any second thought, smart home technology can add more value to your home. From motion sensors to home automation systems, smart home features offer not only added security to the property, but also save energy since they turn off when not in use. 

Some other smart home features include installing floodlights, smart thermostats, digital lock systems, CCTV cameras and smart smoke alarm detectors. 

5. Home appliances

Consider the lasting impact that well-chosen appliances can have on the overall appeal and market value of your home. Whether you are considering induction cooktop installation or planning to make oven repairs, home appliances can add more value to your property. 

Beyond mere convenience, they contribute to efficiency, comfort and overall desirability of your home. Your future home buyer will surely thank you later for this. Learn everything about electrical oven installation in this ultimate guide

6. Home rewiring

Some of your electrical systems may be beyond repair. Outdated wiring is dangerous wiring. In cases like that, your best bet is to rewire the entire electrical system with the help of our residential electricians.

Rewiring an old property minimises the risk of fire, electric shock and other damage caused by short circuits and power surges. This isn’t just a home upgrade; it’s in the electrical code. 

7. Install ceiling fans

Add comfort and style when it comes to your home’s heating and cooling. Ceiling fans are a great way to help cut down energy cost on those warmer days where you don’t quite need to power up your air conditioning.

Ceiling fans improve airflow and circulate air evenly around the room, keeping you and your family comfortable year-round.

Before you turn on your air conditioner, you can choose to turn on your ceiling fan to regulate the temperature and circulate the air around the room. 

Final thoughts on electrical upgrades

Making electrical upgrades is a smart strategy for homeowners looking to boost their property’s value. While some upgrades require a significant investment, the long-term benefits can make these improvements a valuable decision. As the housing market evolves, make sure you stay ahead of the curve with modern, efficient and tech-savvy electrical upgrades. If you need help with your next electrical upgrade, let’s connect